Yin Xiuzhen

Yin Xiuzhen

Yin Xiuzhen
Visual artist
Location: Pekin (China)


Yin Xiuzhen was born in 1963 in Beijing where she lives and works. She is a sculpture and installation artist as well as one of the most celebrated female figures in Chinese contemporary art. She incorporates textiles and keepsakes from her childhood in Beijing during the Cultural Revolution in her works to convey the connections between memory and cultural identity.

Individual and the artist.

Yin’s work consistently demonstrates a concern for the relationship between the individual and the artist, with a particular interest for her home city of Beijing. Her signature materials are used clothing, cement, and discarded building materials, which she uses to highlight the ephemerality and fragility of human existence. By utilizing recycled materials, she seeks to personalize objects and allude to the lives of specific individuals, which are often neglected in the drive toward excessive urbanization, rapid modernization and globalization. The artist explains: “In a rapidly changing China, ‘memory’ seems to vanish more quickly than everything else. That’s why preserving memory has become an alternative way of life.”


Yin XiuzhenYin Xiuzhen | Contemporary art installation, Science and nature, Environmental artA leading female figure in Chinese contemporary art, Yin Xiuzhen (b. 1963, Beijing, China) began her… | Chinese contemporary art, Contemporary art, Sculpture artistthe art room plant: Yin Xiuzhen | Chinese art, Famous art, Sculpture art








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