A. Chernyshev & A. Shulgin

A. Chernyshev & A Shulgin

A. Chernyshev & A. Shulgin (Electroboutique art collective)
Visual artists
Location: Moscow (Russia)


The Electroboutique art collective was founded in 2005. The collective produces critical art shaped in new technological forms. In 2005-2009, ran a gallery at the Art Strelka cultural center. Participation in numerous personal and group exhibitions in Russia and internationally. Aristarkh Chernyshev was born in Lugansk in 1968. A pioneer of interactive art in Russia. Alexei Shulgin was born in Moscow in 1963. A pioneer of international new media art. They both live and work in Moscow.

A. Chernyshev & A Shulgin tackle many themes. Linked to the total penetration of technologies. Informations? Marketing in culture and everyday life. Chernyshev and Shulgin combine the entertainment. The playful character so typical of interactive works. With a critical nature and a variety of issues affected. The slow hypnotic animations consist of logos of transnational companies. Thus, the coin symbolizes the unity of capital and psychedelia. As well as that of consumerism and creativity.


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