Adam Lupton

Adam Lupton

Adam Lupton


Location : Canada


Adam Lupton’s work oscillates between the emotional and the pictorial. By exploring personal and collective hypotheses. By digging culturally powerful symbols and mythologies. It explores individual and societal anxiety and isolation.

Approaching a range of themes and layered stories. Lupton aims to eliminate normative visual results. The subjects often have antithetical functions. The signifiers are emptied of their conventional meaning. Destabilizing the affect of form and content. Keeping in mind the allegory of Plato on the cave. Lupton is trying to reconsider and restructure. The way viewers negotiate their reality. Their ideology by disturbing both visual representation and emotional interpretation.

For some, Lupton’s work is revealing more than expected. For others not enough. One experience can be unpleasantly complete, while the other is painfully vacant.


Complex Portraits Outwardly Convey Internal StrugglesADAM LUPTON | Psycho Analysis Composition IV | Art, Painting, A ...

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