Adrian Ghenie

adrian ghenie

Adrian Ghenie


Location : Roumania


Romanian painter Adrian Ghenie, born in Baia Mare in 1977. Studied the visual arts at the University of Cluj-Napoca. Where he obtained his license in 2001. Co-founder of Galeria plan B, which manages two contemporary art spaces in Cluj and Berlin. He divides his time between these two cities.

Calculated accidents.

Adrian Ghenie practices a gestural painting that stands out in particular for its technical procedures. He uses the palette knife. Stencils to introduce “calculated accidents”. In the table covered with multiple layers of paint. The universe of his childhood continues to deeply mark his art. In particular the story of his parents’ travels through Eastern Europe in the years 1960-1970. Instead of drawing directly from their testimony, he tries to reconstruct the facts. Distorted by memory. It’s this disconnect between reality and memory. Let him explore the thickness of the material applied to the canvas.

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