Ana Teresa Barboza

Ana Teresa Barboza

Ana Teresa Barboza
Visual artist, textile
Location: Peru






Born in Lima, Peru in 1980. Ana Teresa Barboza lives and works in her hometown. She studied painting at the Faculty of Art of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PCUP). Using embroidery. Of yarn and wool. She creates landscapes and other images that exist in the space between the tapestry and the sculpture. Mimicking the flow of waves or grass. Each piece comes off its embroidery hoop and tumbles down the wall on which it is displayed.


Fine Art Focus: Ana Teresa Barboza | Embroidered art, Embroidery art, Textile artThe Woven Path: Ana Teresa Barboza | Textile art, Woven wall art, Embroidery artIncroyables paysages brodés par Ana Teresa Barboza - Journal du Design | Art de la broderie, Art paysagiste, Artiste textile


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