Anjeli Cordice

Anjeli Cordice

Anjeli Cordice

Painter, Mixte-Media, Instructor

Location : England





I love art, it’s one of my greatest passion’s in life. The other is practising Chen style Tai Chi Chaun. I am currently doing a Mental Health art project. That explores my relationship to a close relatives illness of Paranoid Schizophrenia bought. About by drug addictions that have led to a ‘Drugs induced Pscychosis’. I document my observations as starting points for visual expression. Creating art work that has been informed by the process of mental decline. And instability through a long and enduring serious mental illness.

My work responds to the medical interventions. And processes that have taken place in the treatment. Of my relative as well as the day-to-day care. Management and challenges that frequently present themselves.
I have used a figure in my work to reflect and inform the many situations. Challenges and feelings that have arisen.


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