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Artists Directory

Sam Lee

Artist, Maker

Location: Chaumussay – (France)


Since 2002. I have produced and exhibited sculptures, installations, site-specific art work. photographs, books and prints in galleries and outside in a rural context both in France. The UK.Much of my inspiration. Comes from the landscape. And the observations of light and form evident in the place I live and work. I often search out simple everyday materials. Which not only reflect my interest in ordinary things but also can equally influence. Or suggest the direction that I may take. Sometimes the art work begins from a simple visual. Or tactile interest in the material itself (even the availability of materials such as found objects).


Installations have been made of cling film. Aluminium foil, plastic, wood. Wax, found objects and wire and the camera lens has captured and added too many of these art works. As much of the work is site-specific, photography has become an important medium with which to convey my direct experience of making art work in the landscape onto the gallery wall. The camera lens has allowed me to more fully explore ideas in a way that painting could not although. I continue to make paintings). Fleeting moments of light and form have taken me in unexpected directions and even fed back into my installations and sculptures.

Is also an extremely important element and has been a major inspiration. Not only in my own work but as a job in which. I have participated in many projects for artists such as Howard Hodgkin. Jim Dine, AR Penck. Joe Tilson, among many others since 1984. In recent years. I have developed and concentrated on my own printmaking work which. I am expanding in scale and concept with examples now held in private and public collections.


Ten thousand yearsSpring on Fire seriesOcean Bloom

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Alan Slater


Location: North Wales – Wales


Alan Slater’s paintings are quiet. Contemplative explorations of form and colour. Apparent influences stem from abstract and 18th century Japanese painting. Objects are placed within the rectangle of the canvas. With negative spaces considered just as pointedly as positive spaces.  The paint appears with both texture and light. Evoking a real sense of time. Space and place with only the most absolute necessary detail.


'sto''NOT OF''levat'




Katya Robin

Sculptor, Mix-media

Location: Sheffield, UK Wide – (England)


My work explores ambiguity, systems, genres, and memorial. I work with the material. The properties and context by remaking, replacing.  And re-make colours out of the remnants of destruction. I am drawn to unpicking things, concepts. Also, colours, to find poignant paradoxes within.

My artist’s books have been acquired by The Met Library. Joan Flasch Collection. Yale Center for British Art. The Floating Library. TATE Library, Chelsea School of Art Library etc.





Charys Wilson


Location: Berlin


I’ve always had a great passion and curiousity for insects ever since childhood. However insects only became my main subject matter. During my second year of university. Attending an artist residency in Spain at a place named Joya. I had to create an artwork to present at the end of the week. I didn’t have any plans at first but then just did what came naturally. Explored, studied and collected.

Over the past year my work has really developed. I’ve pushed myself in terms of process Scale and presentation.


Insects in a new lightDrawingsEntomology Drawings




Robyn LeRoy-Evans

Artist, Writer

Location: New Orleans (US)


First of all, my work is born from a primal fascination with the body of the woman-artist. Also, it’s physical, emotional, and political presence in our world. A life spent travelling and moving from place to place. Has led to an unrelenting desire to understand. Become connected to, and interact with, my shifting surroundings. Often, this process can be challenging. Inducing feelings of fear, anxiety, and a sense of unbelonging. To navigate these emotions. Finally,  I make images featuring the recurring motif of the covered. Disguised, or faceless figure.


To Make You Big and StrongBecause I Love YouDoubled Over With Love


Siobhan Wall

Painter, Writer

Location: Amsterdam (Holland)


I have worked as a writer. Curator. Lecturer and artist. Since graduating from Central St Martin’s College of Art and Design. After having written eight photobooks on quiet places. Published by Frances Lincoln, (UK). Gallimard (France). I also now focusing on drawing projects.  I recently curated the show Landshapes. Painting by Dutch and British artists. Where I live. Not only did I show recent drawings in a group show. I also donated work. For the Nasty Women show earlier on this year. My small figurative drawings of fictional children. Furious women sold well.


First of all, my art practice is informed by feminist theory. And writing on the abject. In particular The Powers of Horror by Julia Kristeva. I am also inspired by Kate Tempest’s performances.  Also, I make work which is transgressive. Surprising but also tender. My drawings and writing. Are not only based on my own experience. But also  a visceral. My response to global events. As a full-time artist. Finally, I have a studio in Amsterdam Zuidoost. And am part of OARZO. An  artists working in the area.


You Are BeautifulBeauty and the BeastWoolly Chastity Belt




Hana Sakuma

Artist, Lecturer / academic, Researcher

Location: Japan


Her works involves object making. Photos, video. Writing and talking. She has experience in undertaking public art projects, lecturing. Finally, curating and collaborating with artists.


Salt Crystals 'Drops of sweat absorbed into sand on a beach'Mental Excise series'We read it together' series Book entitled 'A Thousand Plateaus' read by Hana Sakuma and herEnglish

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Ricky Romain

Artist, Lecturer / academic, Maker

Location :Axminster, South West (England)


My work has changed significantly since. I began painting. Also my earlier work was concerned with making imaginative. And symbolic connections to my relationship with classical Indian music. To the natural world. And to my Jewish heritage. In later years. I have focused my attention on one particular subject. Finally, it is that of alienation.

'Some of the times I have cried' detail'Some of the times I have cried' detail'Some of the times I have cried' panel 2 cropped
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Natalie Ramus

Artist Performer

Location: Clyro, Nr Hay on Wye, Wales.


Splintered Land:BodyscapeUntitled [Work in progress]Following IN//Footsteps OF : Performed at Tempting Failure Biennial of Performance Art & Noise, by Natalie Ramus

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Clare Smith

Artist, Film-maker, Project manager.

Location: Dover, South East


First of all. Clare Smith was born in Penang. Malaysia and was educated in England. First of all, she studied Oriental studies in Cambridge. Before spending 15 years in Luxembourg. Returning to England in 1999. To study also art mature student. She has.  BA from the University for the Creative Arts. Canterbury and an MA from Central St Martins, London.


Encountering place: Boldshaves garden (6)Encountering place: Boldshaves garden (10)Boldshaves Garden (1)

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Alison ONeill

Artist, Researcher

Location: Cambridge, East


My work has shown widely at exhibitions and screenings. First of all in 2015 my collaborative video. One for Sorrow. Also at Maternal Structures in Creative Work at London. Where I also gave a conference presentation. 2015. Hence, my video Punctures was shortlisted. For The Birth Rites Award and was screened at Project AfterBirth. In 2016 my work was screened at Brood Film Festival in Exeter. And finally, I became an invited associate artist. At the Digital Institute for Early.


Bind: BoundNothing gets ThroughMother, I

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Jessica Stein

Artist Painter

Location: San Francisco (US)


Jessica Stein is an artist from the san franscisco area. Working with abstrac acrylic painting. As for me. I create my work from my own knowledge of life. I strive to create an art that reflects my sotry, and that i can make others understand my perpective. My abstract painting are emotional and meaningful. like all my life experiences. The color, the lack of color and more show me on the canvas.



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Pip Woolf

Artist, Maker

Location : Wales


Drawing through the Senses. Shadow & Light. A dance. Music. Visual art collaborative research project. (Arts Council of Wales) 2001 Big Draw. Drawing residency (Brecknock Museum & Art Gallery & Cywaith Cymru). Also, ongoing organiser. Of the Brecknock Museum & Art Gallery annual. Big Draw until 2004. Then with Brecon mobile library. And Theater and Bath Spa. 2002 Walls of Llangynidr. Commission to produce an experimental record.  Of the re-building of a stretch of mountain wall. Rsidency with Dilys Jackson. For Silent Valley Nature Reserve. Cwm (Gwent Wildlife Trust & Cywaith Cymru) 2002/03. Arts Council of Wales, Creative.


Matter of Identity, by Pip WoolfDays of my lifeDays of my life, first year

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