Attsit Pokpong

Attsit Pokpong

Attsit Pokpong
Location: Thailand


Attasit Pokpong, born 1977. Is considered one of the rising stars of the contemporary Thai art scene. Which makes its mark both in Thailand and throughout Asia. He exhibited in Shanghai. Hong Kong. Paris. Dublin. Edinburgh. Brussels. Japan and New York. Participation in various art fairs, such as Art Basel Switzerland 2012. Paris Art Fair 2014. Asia Contemporary Art Show in Hongkong 2014. Palm Beach Art Fair 2014. Art Taipei 2015. The Chelsea Art Show, Art Ireland Autumn Collection. The Edinburgh Art Spectacle and The Cork Art Fair, etc.
With an impressive international show resume dating back to 2004. Attasit’s work has left an important mark on the Asian aesthetic. His iconic characters display a pop-art inspired approach to realistic portraiture. characterized by East Asian features and brightly colored lips that contrast with the soft, fuzzy skin. Unforgettable eyes hide deep nuances beyond the surface.

Chinese-Asian woman.

Over the years, he has been inspired to change direction. cClui which would lead to oil painting and the iconic faces for which his work became known. His fascination with the face of the Chinese-Asian woman. In particular the lips, associated with the sharp technique of contrasting textures has evolved over the years into a prolific aesthetic. The atmosphere of his work is bewitching and seductive. A delicate skin like porcelain colliding harmoniously with lips in search of attention. They project the inner strength of women through their mysterious eyes.


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