Butch Locsin

Butch Locsin

Butch Locsin
Location: Los Angeles (UK)






Performance artist Butch Locsin is also known as a “color skeleton”. The Los Angeles-based artist has appeared in several videos. Photographs and multimedia pieces wearing a number of skull masks. As well as vibrant clothing and accessories. Each of these works is a collaboration with artists from all over the world. Recent artist partnerships include Rolando McFarlane. StreetWiseLA. Jonathan Gallegos, etc.

Paintings and illustrations.

The artist also creates his own paintings and illustrations. He sometimes uses his character as a muse and integrating and animating new works from previous collaborations.

Instagram post.

“I have a pretty cool title,” the artist said in a recent Instagram post. “When I meet new people and they ask me, ‘What do you do?’ I’m happy to say, ‘I’m a performance artist.’ say and even more fun to show them what I do. I love it and I love playing for those who come and shoot me.



Butch LocsinButch Locsin

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