Carla Cuomo

Carla Cuomo

Carla Cuomo


Location: London






At the heart of my research. There is the use of the artistic process as a path towards self-knowledge and self-reconciliation. First of all, constantly questioning and playing with the persuasive power of the image. And of the visual language. My body of work. Incorporates intimate yet universal experiences such as loneliness. Abandonment, fear of emotional nakedness and failure. In touching on these themes. I aim to create a collision between opposite languages.


The unreal and the imaginary, the document and the oneiric. The personal memory and the collective. Aiming to trigger physiological reactions by invoking primal and visceral emotions. Although in the majority of my  work. I never want to address political questions directly. I am still deeply concerned by how political and social decisions can impact people. By employing the photographic medium as a very personal. Symbolic and poetic vehicle form of expression. Finally, my work often addresses elements of sexuality. Mysticism and the nature of female desire to create a tense narrative. That engages on a mental and emotional level.


Untitled Life ( Untitled No. 076, Naples 2018)Endless Spleen (Selected Works, 2018)Untitled (Img9541, Nepal 2018), by carla cuomo

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