Louis Jammes

Louis Jammes

Louis Jammes


Location: France






Louis Jammes was born in 1958 in Carcassonne. In the early 1980s, at the beginning of his career, he immortalized the artists of his personal pantheon. Those who inspired his career as members of the Beat generation, Andy Warhol. Lou Reed, and his relatives. Also,  the free figuration and those of his generation. Keith Haring. Jean-Michel Basquiat. Robert Combas, or Julian Schnabel. Also, in a setting he conceives evoking their work.Finally,  he then takes his studio down the street. And combines photography and painting to set the scene behind anonymous Barbès.

Before engaging in war-torn countries to work with local people. He does not wish to testify to these conflicts. In the manner of a reporter but to take sides, to be part of it. Louis Jammes returns from these experiences with rare images, a great pictoriality. Known to the general public for his work in Sarajevo in 1993. Also,  the children he had then transformed into angels. Silkscreened and stuck on the battlefield remain forever engraved in the minds. Both as witnesses and actors of this conflict devastating. In all his work. Finally,  it is a question of inventing a photographic writing.


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