Chris Burden

Chris Burden

Chris Burden
Visual artist, Video, installation
Born: (US)






Chris Burden first gained international attention in the 1970s. He is an influential and often controversial figure in body art movements. West Coast Performance and Concept Art. Formerly called ironically “Evel Knieval of contemporary art”, Burden let himself be defeated. Crucified, almost drowned and electrocuted. In 1974 he began working with video, using it as an integral part of his performances. As well as for the documentation of his works and in the production of conceptual television “commercials”.

Technological inventions.

In the late 1970s, Burden began producing sculptural objects. Technological or mechanical installations and inventions, including the monumental BCar and La Grande Roue. In these extensions of his conceptual works, Burden addresses the artist’s relationship to an industrialized and technological society.
Burden was born in 1946 and died in 2015.



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