Christophe Fouquet-Sparta


Location: Saint-Denis (France)

Christophe Fouquet-Sparta

Christophe Fouquet-Sparta



Christophe FOUQUET SPARTA was born in Paris on September 8, 1971.

He travels a lot from a young age and very early frequents the theaters. Then, the cultural places for having had the chance to grow up in the wake of Daniel Mesguich.

Historical patrimony.

After studying commercial action, he gained his first professional experience in various fields of activity. Fashion industries. Communication agencies. The automotive sector or sustainable development. But very quickly, passionate about the world of the arts, his artistic inspirations will be influenced by the evolution of artistic movements compared to historical heritage and by the love of the beauties of life. It finds its expression in photography.

Silver art photography.

Since 1995, he has practiced silver art photography to bear witness to the world around him. He invented a very personal technique of photographic superimposition when shooting. His dual perspective on our changing society. With all that it implies through its multiple facets. Its double meanings, sometimes even its dualities, is a harmonious composition.


His work reveals the unconscious. A quest for oneself trying to better understand oneself in order to better understand the future of which we are the guarantors. Thus, Christophe Fouquet-Sparta builds for future generations a transgenerational memory carrying our universal values ​​by immortalizing his subjects in space. Instant and timelessness: Surimpressionism.

"Superimpressionism is a continuation of Impressionism and Surrealism, sources of my inspiration in order to create a new photographic universe, mixing heritage and historical personalities, inscribing them in time." Christophe Fouquet-Sparta

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