Da n  G u z  M a n

Da n  G u z  M a n
Painter, Architect, Musician
Location: Mexico


His painting is brilliantly executed in it’s own terms. Considered a modern artist, g u z m a n falls into Neoexpressionism if you would have to label him. Crying men, Giants having a meeting on top of buildings. As well as levitating men aiming in catarsis towards the sky. Are images that tell a continuous story about human behaviour. Social media. shamanism, and constant change. d a n g u z m a n provides a unique artistic “handwriting”. That he developed combining genuine elements to stage a graphic composition. “Deliver a spark in the mind of the viewer” has become his final obsession to achieve.
New talented artist discovered by selected curators and galleries. Considered a gifted artist by russian curator Kira Lekhuska commented. This 44 year old male talent has lost his anonymity this 2018.


Siteweb→  https://www.saatchiart.com/danguzman

Social network : Instagram – #guzman72mx






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