Denis Sarazhin


Location: Kharkiv (Ukraine)

Denis Sarazhin


Denis Sarazhin was born in Nikopol, Ukraine in 1982. He attended the Kharkov Academy of Art and Design, where he graduated. He specialized in painting and was a student of ganozkiy v, et vintayev v. Sarazhin received the award for the first diploma of excellence in painting from the Ukrainian art academy.

Egon Schiele.

Denis Sarazhin’s paintings are incredibly textured and expressive portraits of moving figures that express a sense of absolute delicacy while exhibiting harsh angles and body shapes reminiscent of masters like Egon Schiele. Sarazhin also works with still lifes and landscapes.

Artist Statement:

“My name is denis. I am Ukrainian. I finished art academy in, and from that moment on I was trying to find my way in art. I believe in the power of the art form and the influence of art on people. I work in realistic technique, with some interpretations and stylizations.”

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