Eddy Prabandono

Eddy Prabandono

Eddy Prabandono
Location: Yogyakarta (Indonesia)






Indonesian sculptor Eddy Prabandono is an artist who involves design. The planning and construction in the creation of his large-scale pieces. He did not work on his pieces alone. As in a project, Eddi Prabandono involved many workers: to create drawings and even work plans. He often used building plans that require [careful] calculation. However, his pieces did not become structural things, due to the way he incorporated evolving languages ​​of expression into their creation.

Expression languages.

This way of working was born out of critical reflection. Eddi Prabandono believes that the emergence of new media in the development of the current artistic world does not lead to the discovery of new languages ​​of expression. As such, he believes that works that deviate from conventional means of expression are [perpetually considered] experimental. Prabandono, who tends to have little need for conventional speaking languages, feels the importance of discovering a speaking language.


In this research, he “stopped” on work processes that involve design. Work plans and constructions. Through work processes with a clear modus operandi, he [finally] discovered a working language with clear grammar. He built his language of expression through this working language. That is to say that it is not always subject to the rules of this working language. He provokes language, looks for problems, looks for his answers to solve them.



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