Edvard Munch Experimental Selfies (Photographs)

Edvard Munch Experimental Selfies (Photographs)

Edvard Munch Experimental Selfies (Photographs)
Munchmuseet – Until Oct 2021, Oslo (Norway)







Did you know that Edvard Munch not only painted, but also loved to photograph? And that he took lots of selfies? Discover the investigative and poetic photographs of the artist in this exhibition. He points the camera at himself and his immediate surroundings.


In 1902, Edvard Munch bought his first camera. He used it diligently to experiment in his immediate surroundings and often pointed the lens at himself. In the sanatorium, on the beach or in his garden. Munch was a curious photographer and often exploited the effect of “mistakes”. Techniques such as unusual camera angles. “Faulty” focus and movement during long exposures which resulted in ghosting of the body. These effects reflected his strategies in painting and graphic works. However, because Munch considered himself an amateur, he did not exhibit his photographs.



Peut être une image de 1 personnePeut être une image de 1 personneEdvard Munch Selfies13912458_1141365252602002_7791516016472920279_n.jpg (960×907) | Edvard munch, Arte, Spiaggia

Munchmuseet→ Tøyengata 53 0578 Oslo





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