Ferrán Gisbert

Ferrán Gisbert

Ferrán Gisbert

Location: Spain






The materiality of painting in the work of Ferrán Gisbert escapes language. Meaning to claim the creative process of painting as a pure form of expression and performative intervention. The form is generic for the styling action. Using a craft brush matching the artist’s cue. The performative act is printed directly on the walls, recording the movements of the artist, full of gesture, speed and vitality.

The hand of the author.

The questions that the work of Ferran Gisbert addresses are the intention that animates the hand of the author, of any author. He is driven by the influences of the time in which he lives. The imprint left by said intention in the place, evoking the physical presence of the artist. Gestures, understood as clues that recall the maneuver of the artist. The relationship of his body in a struggle for control of the properties and proportions of the place. His work then generates a concrete way of inhabiting the intervening space when the viewer, contemplating the painting, reconstructs the corporeality of the author there.



Ferrán GisbertFerran Gisbert / Tan alto como tú

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