Georg Baselitz

Georg Baselitz

Georg Baselitz
Sculptor / Painter

Location: Berlin (Germany)

(born January 23, 1938) is a German painter who studied in the former East Germany before settling in what was then West Germany.

His career began in the late 1980s after police action against one of his paintings, a self-portrait (Die Grosse Nacht im Eimer) which depicted an underage boy masturbating.
Baselitz’s style is expressionist. His specialty is painting his subjects upside down to free the subject from its content. Baslitz is one of the world’s best-selling living artists. He is a professor at the famous Hochschule der Kuenste in Berlin.

With your head down.

Produced directly in the workshop “with the head down”, still life, portrait or landscape are all genres of art history treated through an immense variety of styles. “I didn’t turn the world upside down. I just put the tables upside down. My problem is that the pictorial universe is too narrow. I have always expressed my doubts about tradition by going against what was done. » In other words, by working in this way, Baselitz shows his interest in painting less as a subject than as a material.

Sexuality or death.

His art attempts to escape any pathos by expressing itself through a radicalism and a form of aggressiveness nourished in its beginnings by themes such as sexuality or death, which are not unrelated to his trauma of war. – it remains haunted to this day by the bombing of Dresden. Strongly influenced by outsider art, the writings and drawings of Antonin Artaud and the African sculpture that he collected, he therefore expresses with brushes and chainsaw or ax – in his wood sculptures – his traumas of tragedies linked to the history of Germany.


Georg Baselitz | Sculpture abstraite, Tableau, Art en boisArtist: Georg Baselitz Venue: Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin Exhibition Title: Dr Freud and Other Music … | Sculpture, Modern sculpture, Abstract sculptureGeorg Baselitz : La boussole indique le nord





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