Giacomelli and Burri: elective affinities

Giacomelli and Burri: elective affinities

Giacomelli and Burri: elective affinities
Palazzo del Duca – Until Sep 26, 2021 Senigallia (Italy)







Senigallia City of Photography, MAXXI Museum, Palazzo Albizzini Foundation Burri Collection, presents Giacomelli / Burri. Photography and material imagery. A large traveling exhibition dedicated to two great artists of the 20th century: Mario Giacomelli and Alberto Burri. The exhibition tells, through a substantial core of photographs dedicated by Giacomelli to Burri, relating to a personal vision of the landscape and the earth (in dialogue with informal painting). Letters and archival documents. The artistic and human events that linked two great protagonists of the twentieth century.

Traveling exhibition.

The exhibition, designed by Mainz and produced with the municipality of Senigallia, promoted by the MAXXI Foundation. The Palazzo Albizzini Burri Collection Foundation, the Giacomelli Archives and the Sarteanesi Archives, will begin on July 1 in Senigallia by Marco Pierini. Then will continue, in different contexts in the dialogue with the spaces. In autumn at the MAXXI Museum in Rome under the direction of Bartolomeo Pietromarchi. Also, at the Palazzo Albizzini Collezione Burri Foundation in Città di Castello, at the headquarters of the Ex Seccatoi del Tabacco under the care of Bruno Corà. The works on display come from the Palazzo Albizzini Burri Collection Foundation. From the Mario Giacomelli Archives of Senigallia and Sassoferrato. Sarteanesi Archives and the Galleria dello Scudo in Verona.

A relationship of esteem and admiration.

The lives of Mario Giacomelli and Alberto Burri have intertwined over the years on several occasions. A relationship of esteem and mutual admiration which has been merged into a common search. This exhibition seeks to explore by putting their works of painting and photography in dialogue. The first meeting between the two took place around 1966. Thanks to the intercession of Nemo Sarteanesi – painter, intellectual and friend of Burri – who met by chance Giacomelli in Senigallia.

Dialogue between painting and photography.

The exhibition at the Palazzo del Duca in Senigallia offers an important group of photographs that Mario Giacomelli dedicated to Alberto Burri and Nemo Sarteanesi and which belong to the funds of the Palazzo Albizzini Collezione Burri Foundation and to the Giacomelli and Sarteanesi Archives. Through the important testimonies of the landscape shots that belong to series such as Conscience de la nature. Stories of the Earth or Pattern suggested by the cutting of the tree. The link between the poetics and the styles of Giacomelli and Burri is reconstructed and examined. Dialogue between painting and photography through an “abstract” and “informal” language.



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