Hendrik Beikirch – ECB

Hendrik Beikirch – ECB

Hendrik Beikirch – ECB

Street Art

Location : Germany





German artist Hendrik Beikirch. Also known by its alias “ecb”, creates captivating works of documentary and fictional portraits that cross the personal and the private. Its distinctive monochrome murals. And his interior works for galleries and museums. Confront the spectators with subjects rich in stories which fascinate by their strength of personality. Both anonymous, everyday and seemingly enchanting. Each of the beikirch figures has a story to tell. More than just subjects, we find authentic characters in his works. Made all the more fascinating by their anonymity. the reduced color palette and the striking contrasts that characterize beikirch’s portrait underline the vulnerability of his subjects. While the scale of these works invites the viewer to reflect. On the relationship between the individual and society. The spectator and the subject. The public and the private.


Hendrik Beikirch_ECBLes 26 meilleures images de Hendrick Beikirsh | Art urbain, Art de ...Hendrik Beikirch (ECB) sur le MUR Oberkampf | Art de rue, Paysage ...Hendrik Beikirch

Website→ http://hendrikbeikirch.com/

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