Isaac Cordal

Isaac Cordal

Isaac Cordal
Sculptor, Street art
Location: Brussels (Belgium)


The Spanish visual artist Isaac Cordal has been leading his urban art project Cement Eclipses for several years in many cities around the world. Five-inch cement figurines (mostly middle-aged businessmen, laptops in hand) are scattered around to intrigue passers-by. On ledges or on the street wall. In a corner of a bus stop or in the hollow of the sidewalks. In the sea or in the puddle of a vacant lot. Denial of climate change and pollution. Questioning our degraded relationship to nature or to others. Social isolation. Alienation at work. Devaluation of the human whether they are refugees, homeless or chain workers… It seems that by miniaturizing the problems in the form of anonymous characters. Then, by placing them in the public space, we paradoxically draw more attention to phenomena that people can no longer grasp at real size…


Isaac Cordal450 ideas de ARTISTS | artistas, arte, maruja malloUrban Inertia, solo show at Galerie C.O.A, Montreal - Isaac Cordal | Artist, Artwork, Public art








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