J. Louis

J. Louis

J. Louis

Location: Chicago (US)


The artist, J Louis paints exquisite and abstract forms. It creates a vibrant story that intelligently directs the viewer into personal introspection.
J Louis considers himself a dynamic impressionist. Building what he calls “moments of fleeting light, abstract space and intelligently posed subjects”.
“I have always been fascinated by visual harmony”, explains J Louis, “by characters who give voice to an emotional and spiritual dialogue”.

French impressionists.

The abstractions of figures often juxtaposed in the work of J Louis produce a visual harmony. Timeless and spiritually charged in a velvety color palette. The female figures of his first figurative show show a radiance reminiscent of the great French impressionists. Refreshingly associate abstract spaces with the vision of a new type of American expressionist.
Known for its rich expression of color. Its perfectly concentrated energy and its impeccable line evoking a bygone era. J Louis’s appreciation for life and love is revealed in his selection of pose, subject and shadow.
“My greatest hope for my work is to reveal a deeper passion and appreciation for life and to connect viewers to the kinetic energy of my art,” says J Louis.


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