Jean Pierre Raynaud

Jean Pierre Raynaud

Jean Pierre Raynaud

Visual Artist

Location : France


After completing his horticultural studies, Jean Pierre Raynaud began by making assemblages close to New Realism.

From 1963, with his white and red Psycho-objects. It combines a few simple elements (gauges, ladders and emergency shovels, road signs or flower pots). He tries to highlight the relationship between the mental world and the real world.

Frozen and distant. His work is presented as a vision of the world. Cruel certainly, but located beyond anguish and violence.
In 1974, Raynaud opened his blockhouse house to the public (two armored doors and a single window). Entirely lined inside with white earthenware tiles and constantly modified. For more than twenty years, the tiling became elsewhere. The same year, the theme of a series of works (Zero Spaces).


Jean Pierre RaynaudJean Pierre Raynaud - 'Container zero' a Centre Pompidou #jeanpierreraynaud #centrepompidou





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