Jerzy Kedziora

Jerzy Kedziora

Jerzy Kedziora
Location: Poland






Studied and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. Poznań University of Fine Arts and LTP in Częstochowa. As well as in several educational establishments in Poland and abroad (Germany, Portugal, France). From the 1980s, he created Le Portrait d’un Polonais at a time of political transformation and solidarity. Since the 1990s, he has been working on a series of sculptures of figures in balance.

As a university student in Gdańsk, he witnessed the start of the solidarity movement. Which ultimately led to political transformation in Poland. This experience left a lasting mark on his work, permeating it with critical social and political aspects. “The Confession”, born from this political and cultural climate, won the most important sculpture competition of the time in Poland: “The Cross in the life of a modern man”, organized under the patronage of the Pope.

Balancing Sculptures.

“Balancing Sculptures” (The Grotesque of Transformation) the series of works imbued with the same spirit. Are the only statues in the world which, held in position in one or two places only, posed, for example, on a rope. A rod, a top of the pyramid, still keep their balance defying gravity. The technicist cord in the first works of the series was a symbol of precariously thin boundaries between the extremes of our states, choices, situations. The most recent sculptures show solitary figures in open space, who, to the rhythm of the movements of nature, perform mimed monodramas with astonishing acrobatics.


His works are in museums. Galleries and government institutions. Including the Presidential Palace in Warsaw and diplomatic posts in the United States. In public space, like Balancing Sculptures on the grounds of the palace in Olsztyn. Recently, Kedziora has been the special guest of American events such as Art Basel Miami. ArtExpo New York, Art San Diego, Art Palm Beach. His works exhibited at the entrance to the exhibition pavilions were informal secondary logos of the exhibitions.



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