Johannes Hepp

Johannes Hepp

Johannes Hepp
Location: Freiburg (Germany)

Johannes Hepp is an ultra-contemporary artist. Hepp is a german male artist born in Werneck (DE) in 1986.


Johannes Hepp’s first verified exhibition was Edin Bajrić Fredinko Arnaldo González Johannes Hepp Swen Kählert Filio Kasika Michel Lamoller Pete Marifoglou Thilo at Fonis Galerie in Dusseldorf in 2015, and the most recent exhibition was Art Karlsruhe 2023 at art KARLSRUHE in Rheinstetten in 2023. Johannes Hepp is most frequently exhibited in Germany, but also had exhibitions in Switzerland. Hepp has at least 4 solo shows and 16 group shows over the last 8 years (for more information, see biography). Hepp has also been in no less than two art fairs but in no biennials. A notable show was Johannes Hepp – Oh Mann at Fonis Galerie in Dusseldorf in 2018. Other notable shows were at Neuwerk Kunsthalle e.V. in Konstanz and Kunstmuseum Erlangen in Erlangen. Johannes Hepp has been exhibited with Marcus Günther and Swen Kählert.


Skulpturen - Johannes Hepp - Bildhauer | Skulpturen, Holzskulpturen, Kunst skulpturenJohannes Hepp on Pinterest

Johannes Hepp on Pinterest





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