Justin Bettman

Justin Bettman

Justin Bettman
Location: New York (US)

Justin Bettman is an artist and photographer currently based in NYC. He began working with images and composition as an art director before transitioning to becoming a full time photographer. Both his portraiture work and his larger tableau scenes are examples of how Justin uses deliberate shadow, light, color, and set design to execute complex stories within a single image.

Set in the Streets.

Set in the Streets in an art project created by Justin Bettman where he constructs studio sets on the streets using found materials. He takes his photos with models then leaves the set there for the public to use. Essentially his sets become a canvas or an interactive art installation for the general public to create their own photographs and artworks. People are encouraged to take their own photos and upload to instagram with #setinthestreets


Justin Bettman on Behance | Behance, Photographer advertising, Mid-century modern

Justin Bettman | Motorola phone, Motorola, Colorful portrait

Justin Bettman | Still photography, Film inspiration, Photo styling

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