Jonathan Michael Ray

Jonathan Michael Ray

Jonathan Michael Ray

Artist, Video installations

Location : St Ives, England






Using subjects such as landscape and nature. Found objects and phenomenon. The Internet, photography, also literature and cinema. As starting points. My art practice largely comprises of works in video and film. Analogue, digital and alternative photography. Printmaking, drawing, object and installation.

The work I make has always been contingent. Upon my surroundings and enviroment. And I am continuously referencing the landscape and memory around me. Deeper than this it attempts to explore the relationship. Between the physical and natural world outside of us. Finally ad the fictional worlds within and between us.

Having very recently moved from South East London to West Conrwall. I have been awarded a one year studio award at Porthmoer Studios in St Ives.


Before We DieThe Weight and the SilenceIn memory of … LUTON

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