Juliano Mazzuchini

Juliano Mazzuchini

Juliano Mazzuchini
Location: Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Juliano Mazzuchini is an Brezilian artist who captures moments in everyday life and creates photo-like paintings. The artist’s paintings do not show clear facial expressions, so depending on how the viewer looks at them, they can be either witty images or lonely images.

Since 2017.

The overall dark colors and slightly blurred feel are impressive, but the author is actually an artist who has been active in the theater world as an actor and director for 20 years. It is said that he has been particularly interested in paintings and has been working on them since 2017, and perhaps that is why the movements, facial angles, and feelings of the characters in the paintings feel a little more realistic.

Theater stage.

The artist’s works have an attractive feel as if they are depicting a scene from a theater stage. Like a play that unfolds and disappears in that space at that moment, these are paintings that make you worry as you look at the smudged spot, wondering if it will soon disappear, making you unable to take your eyes off it.


Juliano Mazzuchini

Juliano Mazzuchini

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