Kasey McMahon

Kasey McMahon

Kasey McMahon
Visual artists
Location: Mexico





Kasey McMahon is a multidisciplinary artist curious about our interactions with technology. The world and with each other.

She is fascinated by the elegant complexity of natural and technological fields. Both complex and untamed in their own way.

Often using recycled and unconventional materials. His work encourages the imagination to go beyond reality.
Kasey works behind the scenes. With small and large productions. It helps to give life to innovative projects.


Kasey McMahonDialed-In - Kasey McMahon in 2020 | Outdoor decor, Something beautiful, RecyclingKasey McMahon in 2020 | Art collector, Art, JoyKasey McMahon: Reach | Wire sculpture, Neon signs, Tiny world

Website→  https://art.atypicalart.com/

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