Katharina Fritsch

Katharina Fritsch

Katharina Fritsch

Visual artist

Location : Germany






Katharina Fritsch is a contemporary German sculptor. Born on February 14, 1956, she graduated from the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in 1984. Her work mixes reality with imagination. To create a surreal imagery that contracts reality and fantasy through its monochrome sculptures. Large-scale animals. People and objects. From her luminous palette, she noticed that the color “equalizes, makes abstract – like a visual sign, an icon. It is important: my work is always at the border between a detailed sculpture and a sign. Fritsch’s work is often described as disturbing. Containing slight changes in representation that alter the viewer’s perception. From reality and highlight the falsified imitation of the life of the work.



Katharina FritschKind mit Pudeln' (Baby with Poodles) 1956 by Katharina Fritsch ...Katharina Fritsch's Large-Scale Sculptures | Octopus art, Sculptures, Literature art

Website→   https://www.katharinafritsch.de/





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