Takashi Kuribayashi

Takashi Kuribayashi

Takashi Kuribayashi
Visual artist

Location: Japan






Kuribayashi often says, “The truth lies in invisible places. Once you realize that there is a different world out of sight, you will live in a different way. The Invisible Realm and its limits are mainstays for Kuribayashi throughout his career. He created special installations that visualize things that cannot be seen in everyday life, such as behind the ceiling, the floor or the seabed, so that he can reveal this invisible world.


The great earthquake in eastern Japan 3.11. 2011, has become an extremely strong boarder who is an absolutely different standard of living. Since then, he has been tackling issues of an absolutely different level of severity: the totally invisible radioactive contamination triggered by the tsunami. The ensuing Fukushima nuclear accident, the limits of the restricted area in the region. Then, the invasion of nuclear activities in the underground that we do not even have a way to confirm what is really going on. He has also been to various types of world borders.

The limit of life.

In his Yatai Trip, for him, these are tactile experiences of the earth and also processes of creating maps of the world including Japan in various materials. Approaching the limit of the life of the earth and the time and space beyond death, Kuribayashi rediscovers the wisdom of the ancestors. Cooperate and dialogue with the wise men of our time. It is for us a challenge of the art of living. It is an art that will be passed on in the future.



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