Galerie 18bis – Oct 13 to 04 Nov, 2023 Paris (France)
Opening Thursday October 12, 2023 from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Kim NEZZAR’s paintings express states of being, emotional situations sometimes assertive and others ambivalent.
All are the fruit of his great sensitivity and bear the imprint with a fierce desire for expression. An expressionist, he paints his feelings in the characters he performer on the web.

Explorer of the mind.

Like Edvard MUNCH, explorer of the mind, Kim NEZZAR becomes observer of the human of our time, he seizes situations borrowed from everyday life to reflect the vivid emotions of through its wide color palette. In his passionate and uncertain quest for truth and
absolutely, he shares his fields of investigation with us emotional. Like a cinema director, the artist Kim NEZZAR makes takes into account the essential: human vibration. Painting and cinema are for him, like the left hand and the right hand of a pianist. His quest as an artist seeks to simplify the decor thus allowing the high creative function of his art an essentialist interpretation.
Like a search for inner truth to let it be seen the fundamental essence and inherent strength of its subjects.
Like a spectrum of sensation, its intense color range interprets love, laughter, blueness, headache or even toxicity like so many varieties of fields of expression of the soul human in vibration.

Extract the essential.

Kim’s aesthetic approach also aims to simplify and reduce the elements of a work of art to extract the essentials, in
eliminating the superfluous. He is not burdened with the details of a descriptive narration. He focuses on the essence of his subjects, conciseness and power of being and its expression by giving free rein subjective interpretations and debates about what is truly essential in a work of art.


Gallery 18bis→ 18bis rue de Savoie 75006 Paris



About Galerie 18biS

What is Art?

“Before defining art or other concepts, we must all answer a much broader question: What is the meaning of human life on earth? Perhaps we are here to elevate ourselves spiritually? If our life aspires to this spiritual enrichment, then art is a way to achieve it. Art enriches the spiritualcapacities of the individual and he can thus surpass himself.”  Andrey TARKOVSKY.

These words from Andrey TARKOVSKY, Galerie 18bis echoes them. An invitation to open ourselves to the power and message of art as a field of investigation of the human soul in vibration. Pursuing its vocation, the 18bis gallery aims to be a space for experimentation open to multiple forms of plastic art.
Art at the service of a new renaissance, the 18Bis is committed to the beautiful idea of contributing to societal change by acting with artists’ tools. Art as the most complete and sensitive means of expressing thought human.

Galerie 18bis also offers 2 training programs dedicated to visual artists and professionals of art: “The Artist in the digital age”, “Contemporary Art & blockchain” are the main subjects of his main training. 18bis also offers training in English, depending on your level of understanding and conversation; A accelerated learning, tailor-made coaching and a group course to address subjects ranging from symbols of Ancient Greece to Today’s Crypto-art. Experiencing art as a field of possibilities. Art as a support for our humanity. More information visit the website→




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