Kirsten Justesen

Kirsten Justesen

Kirsten Justesen

Sculptor, Installation

Location : Danish


Kirsten Justesen studied classical sculpture at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. She graduated in 1975.
Its activities cover a wide range of genres. From body art and performance to sculpture and installation. Justesen was part of the avant-garde scene of the 1960s. She became a pioneering figure in three-dimensional art modes. Which incorporate the body of the artist as an artistic material. These experiences led her to feminist art. Who challenged traditional value systems in the 1970s. His later work is broader research on the relationships between the body. Space and language Circolo Justesen publishes 2 books. One on the rumors of St. Catherine of Alexandra. And the other on feminist aesthetics of the 1970s.


Exhibition view »FEMINIST AVANT-GARDE of the 1970s«

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