klaus Rinke

klaus Rinke

Klaus Rinke

Visual artist

Location; Germany







Klaus Rinke (born 1939) is active / lives in Germany. Rinke’s “sculptural paintings” challenge the imaginary and illusory qualities of painting while examining the real and tangible nature of sculpture. Painting always consists in making present an imaginary world

Conceptual Art.

Very active on the international scene since the 1960s, the artist has worked alongside and through major radical movements such as Body Art, Land Art or Conceptual Art without his work ever being reduced to a single these issues. Along with a regular practice of drawing and painting, Klaus Rinke has developed a work of sculptor in the broad sense of the term. Using aesthetic means at the border between art and science. Thus, it awakens the awareness of essential data. of experience: time, space. Gravity. From elementary structures where water and metal predominate. Rinke seeks to understand the physical and material dimension of the universe. And thus chart the way for a reflection on metaphysics.



Klaus Rinke is a German artist who explored several artistic means (painting, sculpture) before concentrating on body… | Transformations, Body, Sequence photography

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