Lawrence Carroll

Lawrence Carroll

Lawrence Carroll


Location : Australia






Lawrence Carroll is characterized as a painter who carries within him a thousand painters. Considering all his work like a painting. Most of the works, which he calls “paintings”, however, look like wall objects. They paint and sculpt at the same time. Their plasticity goes beyond the traditional concept of painting. His works are revealed as a “pictorial construction”. The structure or surface of which the artist incorporates objects. Or materials and destroy them as well, before reassembling or repairing them, as he says himself. Using simple materials like dust.

Arte Povera.

Reduction research and installation of works of art in space. Lawrence Carroll comes close to the aesthetics of Arte Povera. Use of traditional technical means. Such as oil paint and raw materials such as wood. The wax and the canvas corresponding to the color of his work. Upon closer inspection, they reveal an infinitely subtle shade of off-white. Beige. Misty yellow. Atmospheric blue-green and black.


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