Malin Bülow

Malin Bülow

Malin Bülow

Installation, Performance

Location : Swedish


The work of Malin Bülow, Swedish artist. Relates to human sculpture. Installation and performance, in a close relationship with the public. Malin Bülow creates large performative installations in situ. It emphasizes the skin of the dancers, which becomes a sculptural element of tension. The performers are thus the activators of his interventions, both sensory and claustrophobic.

Elastic Bonding.

Malin Bülow’s works are always linked to their exhibition context. The artist works mainly with two components. Elasticity and fluidity. Working vertically at Usines Fagor, his installations take on a monumental aspect. Elastic Bonding questions the inextricable link between architecture and the body. Fragmentary forms. Suspended, transform into sprawling performative sculptures. Like giant umbilical cords. They extend until they blend into the architecture.
Also interested in the static aspect that we find in classical sculpture. Malin Bülow plays on the ambiguity between the living and the non-living. The “recumbent” exhibits during the week are replaced on weekends by the presence of dancers. Very slowly, the latter, enclosed within this membrane, search for positions that analyze the tension. And elasticity in the body. The skin. Architecture and movement, a fragile balance between rigidity and flexibility.


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