Mareo Rodriguez

Mareo Rodriguez

Mareo Rodriguez
Visual artist
Location: Barcelona


Mario Rodriguez “MAREO” is a multidisciplinary artist born in Mexico City in 1981, raised in Colombia and based in Barcelona.

His work explores the strength of topography and natural territory, conceived as a constantly moving energetic living mantle. Epidermal stratification forged by time, with an emerging telluric language, pressing, gravitating, revealing itself through the landscape.

“Matter is condensed light”.

Rodríguez seeks to cover different scales in his artistic approach. From the massiveness of mountains and rocks, through its process of settling and fragmentation to stone as the basic unit. Thus, He is interested in matter as a condensation of light and its process of transformation. Expanding energy over time, releasing weight to return to origin.

Exhibitions & publications.

He has had 16 individual exhibitions and participated in various art fairs and projects in North America, Latin America, the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

​Several publications of his work have been made, among which 3 books stand out: “Expansion” published by the Italian gallery E3 contemporanea and Vanillaedizioni in 2018, self-published book “Matter is condensed light” 2020 and VC 03 presenting the exhibition “Portals” by Valletta Contemporary, Malta 2022.


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