Margaret Ackland Online

Margaret Ackland Online

Margaret Ackland

Flinders Lane Gallery – Melbourne ( Australia)

“Exhibition Online”






The closure of 2020 had a dramatic effect on life in Australia. No one was spared the upheavals. In everyday life that has changed the way we live. To shop. To socialize and work.

This massive change in the mundane was captured in watercolor by artist Margaret Ackland. The Sydney-based painter has partnered with Melbourne’s Flinders Lane Gallery for an online exhibit called Social Distancing. A series of works in progress that literally paint a picture of life in the past six weeks.


The placid watercolors feel out of place. A feeling that many of us can feel right now. The figurative works represent scenes that have become familiar views. But next to the paintings of sealed playgrounds. Supermarket staff disinfect the carts. The baskets The 1.5 m floor markings are more domestic everyday scenes. Pendant reflecting the daily life of Ackland closures.


«Social Distancing # 3 - Stay Apart», Margaret Ackland 2020, «Heros», Margaret Ackland 2020The New Normal

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