Miao Xiaochun

Miao Xiaochun

Miao Xiaochun
Visual artist
Location: China







Miao Xiaochun is well known as a photographer artist and digital video artist. But in fact, his first works were paintings. His first solo exhibition in the 1980s. A painting exhibition at the former address of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in downtown Beijing. In the 1990s, Miao Xiaochun went to Germany to study moving images, then he focused more on this medium for creations, and made great achievements and recognition at home and abroad during over the past 20 years.

About painting, Miao Xiaochun has never forgotten, and he found his method to paint and to integrate into his moving images. The history of painting and its composition merge with the composition of his photography. The visual elements of digital videos. His training in painting during the early years is very useful for his creation of digital art. Which like different art forms are complementary. Referring to each other, this could be one of the artistic natures of this era. However, it was beyond the artist’s expectations when he found the new possibility of painting during the process of digital art creation.


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