Michael Cook

Michael Cook

Michael Cook


Location – Australia






Michael Cook is an award-winning photographer who has worked in commerce in Australia and abroad for twenty-five years. In 2009, he embarked on fine art photography. Driven by an increasingly pressing desire to explore questions of identity. His photographic series are unique in their approach. Evocatively recreate incidents that emerge from Australian colonial history. His images unite history with the imagination. Staff policy. Visually striking, technically complex and sensually inventive. They occupy a new space in the Australian artistic imagination.

Central idea.

Cook’s photographic practice is unusual. He constructs his images in a way more similar to painting than the traditional photographic studio or the documentary model. It starts with an idea. Considering the image as its blank canvas. Photographic overlay is then used to construct the image to provide aesthetic depth. He characteristically works in photographic series that explore narratives within a central idea. The unfolding paintings offer enigmatic stories that are not prescribed. But left open to public interpretation.


Michael CookMother | Michael Cook (en-AU) Photographer

Website→  https://www.michaelcook.net.au/

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