Michael Cook – Invasion

Michael Cook – Invasion

Michael Cook’s Invasion

Bendigo Art Gallery – Until Nov 20, 2020 Melbourne (Australia)






Michael Cook’s Invasion is an ambitious photographic series by famous Bidjara artist Michael Cook. He reinvents Australia’s colonial history and First Nations resistance. A fantastic vision of science fiction proportions. In a separate role reversal, the colonized become the invaders with colossal creatures. UFOs and laser fembots wreaking havoc. And incite fear and panic in the iconic streets of London. The epicenter of the building of the colonial empire and the heart of British cultural identity.


Months of production and with a cast to compete with a small film. Each cinematic scene is carefully constructed through a pictorial approach and a superposition of images. The aesthetic of the 1960s series refers to a time of significant change in civil rights. Land of First Nations peoples. As well as parody tropes of horror. Level B sci-fi. Cook skillfully commands to convey the shock of first encountering Europeans. On the Australian coast over 200 years ago.


Invasion | Michael Cook (en-AU) Photographer

Bendigo Art Gallery→  42 View St, Bendigo VIC 3550, Australia


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