Michael Viviani

Michael Viviani

Michael Viviani

Graffiti/Street-art, Collage

Location : Marseille (France)






Michael Viviani is a French artist born in 1981. In La Ciotat, France. He works and lives in Marseille, France.
His work is heavily inspired by movie and music posters. Which he uses to meticulously recreate the life of a 1960’s & 70’s street billboard.
Capturing the playful innocence of soft porn movie posters from that period. His work has a naivety and an authenticity. Which is present in both his movie and music work.
As with all masters of collage. He coherently and effortlessly manages to blend countless shreds of poster into one overall narrative. That presents the viewer with an authentic glimpse back in time.



Website : http://www.michaelviviani.com/

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