Otto Zitko

Otto Zitko

Otto Zitko
Location: Vienna (Austria)


The thesis will be that of wanting to recognize a bit of architecture in Otto Zitko’s drawings and especially in his bedroom drawings. In a first part, he wishes to enter into the relationship between modernism and design and architecture. Then, secondly, retrace the inversion of this relationship between line and space in the work of Otto Zitko.

Paint a continuous line.

A line that Otto Zitko draws when he paints continues the line that the artist started long ago. With this line, he is “on the move”, like someone who follows nomadic principles. Like someone who literally traces a path in a labyrinthine network and follows it (respectively pursues and traces it). Like someone placing a two-dimensional lineament into existing spaces with expansive painting/drawing gestures, making them dynamic. Delimiting them and enriching them with an unsuspected depth that alludes to the temporal dimension.


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