Pablo Reinoso

Pablo Reinoso

Pablo Reinoso
Location: Paris (France)






Pablo Reinoso (born 1955 in Buenos Aires) is a Franco-Argentinian artist, living in Paris since 1978. Interdisciplinary, his practice revolves around mediums as diverse as sculpture. The installation. design, video and architecture.

Concept of movement.

From the 1970s, the artist initiated a reflection on the relationship between the work of art and the notion of functionality. An issue that is at the heart of its plastic production. With his Articulations, Pablo Reinoso develops this conceptual and formal approach through sculptures that question the notion of movement. Then, its many potential variations, beyond the constraints presented by the material. Inspired by human anatomy. In particular by the articulations, these works, mobile one could say. Deploy within the space in multiple configurations and remain infinitely updatable.


In the 1990s, Pablo Reinoso further developed this reflection through his Breathable works. For which he works with a new material: air. These minimalist installations, which reproduce the act of breathing through an electrical power system. Address another central theme of the artist’s work: that of the interdependence between natural and artificial elements.



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