Patrick Van der Elst


Location: Tervuren (Belgium)

Patrick Van der Elst

Patrick Van der Elst


Patrick Van der Elst is a self-taught photographer. His passion for this medium manifested itself from a very young age when he was fascinated by capturing the moment.

Double reading.

His approach is sharp and his gaze precise: he takes particular care to create surprising scenes where no element is left to chance. Via the retouching and recomposition offered by the computer tool, the artist exploits a theme via a series of constructed images which act as metaphors for an everyday reality. Most of his works have a double reading. Passionate about contemporary literature (Murakami, William Boyd, Cormac MacCarthy, Philippe Roth and Jacqueline Harpmann), the artist likes to filigree relevant ideas and reflections that go beyond the first aesthetic reading of his images.

Humor and density.

His first works focus with humor and density around the surgical world and the artificiality of human plasticity. The celluloid bather is placed in a situation sometimes under the hospital tool sometimes multiplied to infinity in vast landscapes. The artist also works on the adult figure through a display mannequin which seems to have an intrinsic life because its poses and attitudes are so natural. Dynamism and static dialogue with ambiguity through the smooth figure of absolute beauty.

The influence of the media.

A more engaged artist today, his latest works are reflections on the influence of the media, advertising, religion and consumer society on our daily lives.

Patrick Van der Elst’s photographs are available for sale. They are all signed, numbered and are available in diasec or framed under glass. For more details, please visit

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