Painter, Street art
Location: Madrid (Spain)


From miniature window designs to striking site-specific interventions to elaborate replicas of classic masterpieces. Pejac rightfully recruits an army of fans and collectors with every new piece he makes. Taking clever detours on familiar images. He skillfully reinvents public space. The Madrid artist tackles sensitive social and environmental issues in an intelligent and poetic way. The strength of his work and his universal language comes from the right combination. Admirable painting skills. Original and effective concepts and a vast knowledge of classical art and popular culture.

Message and adaptation.

When talking about Pejac, the key terms are “message” and “adaptation”. Whether he works on paper, canvas or in public. He has a tremendous ability to adapt his work in order to convey a clear and powerful message. Whether it’s drawing a map of the world flowing into a sewer. To paint a frightening image of an iconic photograph of a burning Buddhist monk. His art is provocative and critical, capable of stopping the observer in his tracks. In order to achieve such an effect, it uses different visual languages. Looking for unconventional tools or finding other ways to present finished work.

Classic masterpieces.

Although really skillful and able to do remakes of classic Claude Monet masterpieces. Eugène Delacroix. Katsushika Hokusai. References to Lucio Fontana or Alberto Giacometti, Pejac feels comfortable minimizing his work to strip silhouettes. Or shadows when needed. The ability to touch different subjects and use a wide range of mediums. Techniques, in different formats or styles, is what makes his works unique. The fact that he keeps his recognizable voice despite the diversity of styles. Concepts is surely one of his greatest strengths, rarely seen in the art world.

As much his approach is different in terms of production. So much for keeping full control of his own work, Pejac is the sole source of both his editions and his originals.


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