Samantha Everton

Samantha Everton

Samantha Everton
Location: Melbourne (Australia)






Samantha Everton is a Melbourne-based theatrical art photographer. She is known for her richly colored exploration of race, childhood and women, and her elaborate settings. Everton won first and third place at the 2010 Paris International Photography Prize. Featured in New Yorker Magazine in 2006. Then, she was shortlisted for the winning and highly recommended places of the Twenty-third McGregor Prize for Photography , in 2006.

Everton’s work.

Everton primarily works as a director on their photoshoots. Creating theatrical productions in front of the camera, then photographing them. But nothing happens by chance here. It is critically important that she controls every aspect of the materialization of her initial concept. Until the photographic image is printed with pigment-based inks on archival quality rag paper and the final framing. True to the realism of his work, Everton captures the images on traditional film using a medium format camera: “It is very important to me that the viewer believes in the image, so whatever you see, from the girl flying through the air to the tree growing through the ground, was actually there and was filmed in camera. Everton is reluctant to explain the narrative content and underlying symbolism in the works, preferring the viewer to respond from a personal perspective.



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