Siobhan Wall

Siobhan Wall

Siobhan Wall

Painter, Writer

Location: Amsterdam (Holland)

I have worked as a writer. Curator. Lecturer and artist since graduating. From Central St Martin’s College of Art and Design. After having written eight photobooks on quiet places. Published by Frances Lincoln, (UK), and Gallimard (France). I also now focusing on drawing projects.  I recently curated the show Landshapes. Painting by Dutch and British artists. Where I live. Not only did I show recent drawings in a group show. I also donated work for the Nasty Women show earlier on this year. My small figurative drawings of fictional children and furious women sold well.


First of all. My art practice is informed by feminist theory and writing on the abject. In particular The Powers of Horror by Julia Kristeva. I am also inspired by Kate Tempest’s performances.  Also, I make work which is transgressive. Surprising but also tender. My drawings and writing are not only based on my own experience. But also  a visceral. My response to global events. As a full-time artist. Finally, I have a studio in Amsterdam Zuidoost. And am part of OARZO, an  artists working in the area.


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