Solomon Kammer “cause and effect”

Solomon Kammer “cause and effect”

Solomon Kammer “cause and effect”
Yavuz Gallery – Until February 27, 2021 Sydney (Australia)







The Yavuz Gallery Sydney is proud to announce the representation of artist Solomon Kammer. Based in Adelaide with her first personal trade show Cause and Effect. Works mainly in painting. Kammer draws on his own experiences with chronic disease. Medical science and gender bias to expose bias. The challenges and abuses many women face today. While Kammer’s work is extremely personal, it also evokes broader experiences of emotional and physical abuse.

Cause and Effect.

In Cause and Effect, Kammer specifically examines the female body as a site of exploitation. Gender-based infantilization, abuse and trauma. Drawing on his experience as a person living with chronic disease. Kammer talks about the lack of autonomy of women in a medical context. While bodily integrity and self-determination are fundamental principles of medical ethics. Patients often face rejection of their pain. Their paternalism and their treatment on the basis of medical data. Who typically use cis gender straight male bodies as the default standard.



Solomon Kammer "cause and effect"


Yavuz Gallery→  86 George Street Redfern – Sydney, Australia NSW 2016

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